’67 Volkswagen Beetle — It Comes in 7 Colors

The '67 Beetle —  It Comes in 7 Colors

One thing we get a TON of emails about here at 1967beetle.com is color combinations. It seems everyone wants to know what the correct combo is for their vintage pride and joy.

The ’67 Beetle comes in 7 colors. You can download this factory literature below if you’d like. It was submitted by fellow VW enthusiast Jody Sauvageau.

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — It Comes in 7 Colors

'67 Beetle Colors

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11 thoughts on “’67 Volkswagen Beetle — It Comes in 7 Colors

  1. Yes, one could get a 67 convertible in any of the above colors, but Yukon Yellow(L19K) was strictly reserved for the ‘verts. Also, this brochure is USA only sedans, as Fontana Grey(L595) was a 67 color for markets other than USA. Just another fun fact for the site.

  2. My thanks to you, Jody, and Eric, for collaborating to bring us solid information about the colors. It’s difficult to muddle through all of the information “out there”. Thanks, Fellows, for taking the time and expertise to do this! jay

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