June 2018 Posts

NOS German 12V Bosch Short Coil

Hello, ’67 Beetle community.

For some of you, there’s nothing like installing a correctly restored German VW 105-1 carb. For others, it’s that feeling when you realize your engine case is the correct and one year only H0. For me, it’s (after 10 years) finding the correct NOS German 12V Bosch Short Coil. For you purist, the part number is 113 905 115c.

This one isn’t for sale, as it’s going in our ’67 Beetle. We do however restore and stock the 113 905 115c.

Such an amazing find!

Lela Strysky’s L518 Java Green ’67 Beetle

The story of Lela’s 1967 L518 Java Green Beetle begins over 40 years ago. For years, my wife has endured stories of my family’s collection of VWs, including my first car, a 1970 Sumatra Green Deluxe Transporter passed down through the family. I rebuilt the engine in the basement using “The Idiot Book”. I learned to “be one” with my VW like John Muir says… she’s heard them all.

The last story about that Bus involved a NYC taxi cab, which lead to stories about my 2nd car, a ‘76 Senegal Red Transporter that I sold for $500 out of college because “who knew what they would be worth”, etc. Lots of stories and she patiently listened to me tell them.

Well, it turns out that Lela has her own stories of vintage VWs, which I found out last year when she got behind the wheel of my recently purchased ‘71 Westy and drove it like a champ! Not a stumble or hiccup! It turns out that, even though she owned many classic muscle cars back in her day (Lela can identify the year and model Classic Mustangs in her sleep), Lela learned to drive stick shift in her mom’s late ‘60s/ early ‘70s Karmann Ghia and Beetle! Now that we had two vintage VW drivers in the family, we decided that we would try to find a Beetle for Lela so that we could enjoy the air-cooled lifestyle together.

So Lela began to research what year and features she was looking for in her new Beetle. As we took the Bus to more and more shows, we began to see what the different years of Beetles offered. Going to vintage VW shows and gatherings is a great way to see what you are looking for and NOT looking for in a car: stock survivor, stock restored, resto mod, slammed–even filthy buggers! We saw many different Beetles and spoke with many different people at the shows.

Lela decided that she wanted a Beetle with an all metal dash, pop-out windows and a sunroof rather than ragtop. A good friend of ours, Gregg, told Lela to look for a ‘67 — last year of the all metal dash, first year of 12 volt system and a very collectible year due to its one-year-only parts. Our VW friends, Bill and June, happen to have two of those: a Sedan, owned by Bill, from new, and also a Convertible, named “June’s Bug”. Beautiful cars!

So Lela started her search and, of course, the first place she looked was 1967beetle.com. This is an awesome site because all the information is collected in one place. For those starting to search “1967 VW Beetle” it’s hard to pass by a site named “1967beetle.com!”

Lela was looking for a driver – a car she could enjoy regularly without worrying about a nick here or chip there, with sunroof and pop-outs. Mechanically and cosmetically good, not a show car, but if we wanted to, we could do a restoration. Easy!

One thing that Eric tells readers of the site is not to jump at the first car you see. I cannot stress enough what a great piece of advice this is. One of the candidates Lela found was a reasonably priced L282 Lotus White Beetle that looked great on the surface, but after looking closer, with Eric’s help, we discovered several items that were not correct for a 1967 Beetle. For another year this may have been OK, but given the collectability of a ‘67 beetle, Lela was looking for a “correct” car and this one wasn’t. The search continued to an L633 Blue Beetle in New Hampshire that looked great but the owner had an interested party that was due to return. Sure enough, he did. A Ruby Red Sunroof with pop-outs in Maryland had an owner that wasn’t too forthcoming. Several other cars came and went and, just as things looked grim, Lela found Chad with his L518 Java Green Beetle with sunroof, and factory pop-outs! Less than two hours away!