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Dimitris Razis ’67 Beetle – An Autumn Drive

As I’ve said before, if not for the ’67 Beetle community around the world 1967beetle.com would not be such a success. Thanks to all contribute their ’67 Beetle stories. Here’s one from Dimitris Razis in Greece. Sit back and enjoy.

Hello 1967beetle.com!
It’s been some time since we spoke. I am sending you a short film I made. It is from an nice little Autumn drive I did last Saturday around the Athen’s suburbs with my ‘67 Beetle. I hope you enjoy it!

’67 Beetle Windshield Wiper Assembly Rebuild

329887This fantastic article was submitted by our friend Richard Diaz. Thanks, for your contribution to 1967beetle.com!

The journey started some months back with finding water on the mats inside my ’67 “Papa’s Slugbug” after I washed the car! I casually would look for the entry point of the water and just couldn’t figure out where it was entering! Then one day recently while lifting the wipers blades to clean the windshield, I saw it! The rubber grommet, (inner and outer bearing seal) on the driver’s side, that surrounded the wiper shaft and created a seal for the wiper assembly was hardened and cracked! I checked the passenger’s side and the same thing! But, there was something different between the two sides; the passenger’s side had a nut that threaded over the wiper shaft and held the entire wiper assembly! The driver’s side did not! (I purchased Papa’s Slugbug three years ago from a previous owner who did an incomplete and poor restoration).

Realizing that I was missing some parts, I made a trip to Larry’s Foreign Car Repair in Ventura, California, to hopefully pick up a nut that I was sure would be hard to find since, after all, this is a 1967 Volkswagen known for one-year-only parts! Larry is an “old school” Volkswagen mechanic and he quickly noticed that I was missing not only the brass nut, but also the stainless steel washers that are placed between the rubber grommet (inner and outer bearing seal) and the nut! They had to be brass and stainless steel to avoid rusting. Larry found some for me, but recommended that I replace the wiper shafts while I was at it, since I would have to pull the entire wiper assembly unit to replace the rubber grommets anyway! I never question Larry’s advice!

Online, I went to Airhead Parts, where I ordered new wiper shafts, rubber grommets and bushings for the wiper linkage arms! Not cheap, but while I was at it, I figured that I better do it right! As soon as I received the parts, I removed the wiper assembly and got started. The first thing that I noticed with the parts I received was that not only was I missing the previously mentioned parts, but on the back side of the wiper assembly there are a number of other critical parts: spring washer, brass nut and another stainless steel flat washer that is placed against the other side of the rubber grommet! Also on the outside there is supposed to be a wiper shaft seal to prevent water from entering the wiper shaft. Most of those parts on my wiper assembly were missing! Luckily Airhead Parts provides them and has them placed on the new wiper shaft in the order they need to be placed! Also the new wiper link bushings for the linkage assembly came with new C- clips.

SOLD – L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE – L456 Ruby Red '67 BeetleJust listed for sale here at 1967beetle.com. This is a very very nice L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle, just waiting for someone to take it home. Original interior, engine is very clean, Germany front bumpers and fenders. Sure, the fuel pump could be replaced with one of our correct German Pierburg pumps, or perhaps a VW 105-1 carb. However, I don’t think this car needs much at all to be perfect and 100% correct to factory specs.

“Selling my 1967 VW beetle, too many cars and hate to see it go but I hardly ever drive it and this car needs to be enjoyed by the next owner.

You know the 1967 is a masterpiece, and most desirable year. This car has had 3 owners and I have EVERY receipt from new and in a book for you to look at.

This Beetle was painted one time in 1998 and I have a picture of the receipt listed. It was completely taken apart, and the jambs were left original. The only reason for the new paint was to freshen up the faded original. NEVER any rust or damage, and ALWAYS garaged since new.

Interior is ALL original, and close to mint condition.

Engine was rebuilt in 2006, and looks and runs like new, check the pictures.

This is probably one of the nicest original Beetles you will ever find, I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 80,000
Location: North Carolina
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Bidding on eBay  |  828-808-3864

FOR SALE – L41 Black ’67 Beetle

Just listed for sale here at 1967beetle.comL41 Black in the correct color combination. There’s not much more I can say about this ’67 Beetle, other than the fact that I’d love to park it in my garage. Here’s the info we have from the seller with a nice video to finish it all off. Who’s going to make an offer?

We are pleased to present this thoughtfully restored 1967 Volkswagen Beetle for your consideration. For most VW enthusiasts, the model year 1967 holds a special attraction. It’s been recognized and argued as the best year of the Beetle. It was the first year for the near 1500cc engine, first year for 12-volt electrics, first year for the standard upright headlights, and what would end up being the last year for the smaller bumpers and painted dash. There are many one year only parts on the ’67 model year, especially the US spec versions and all of these attributes have made it the most recognizable and desirable Beetles out there.

Status: FOR SALE
Mileage: 32,141
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Price: $16,900
Contact: (616) 855-6600  |  sales@grautogallery.com

SOLD – L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE – L633 VW Blue ’67 BeetleJust listed for sale here at 1967beetle.com. This is a very nice L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle, just waiting for someone to take it home. It would not take much to make this car perfect. It has some interesting accessories that you just don’t see much these days.

This beauty was fully restored in 1999 by Clarke’s VW Restoration in Ocala, FL. At the same time, a new 1600 engine was installed and it was fitted with a custom under-dash Air Conditioning unit. I was not the owner at the time, but have receipts showing over $9,000 paid in ’99 for this restoration.

It has seen little road activity since then. I’ve owned it for 5 years (since October 2010) when I purchased it with 37,428 on the new engine. I have put less than 8,000 miles on it, for a total of just over 45,000 miles.

To say it’s a real head-turner is to be modest! Everyone seems to have a Beetle memory from their past, so it generates a lot of interest and conversation where ever we go. The engine runs strong, is peppy and can be used as a daily drive car if desired, or at least a weekend around-town car. Air conditioning has two fans speeds, rear-mounted fan and condenser mounted in front passenger wheel well. It needs to be recharged each summer for maximum performance, but blows strong, cools well, is not overly noisy, and looks like a factory install, not an after-market add-on.

Recent maintenance includes new rear brake shoes, master cylinder, new fuel pump and rear adjustable shocks. Regular oil changes and valve adjustments have been performed and documented. Only hi octane (91) fuel used. Tires have some good tread remaining. It’s not meticulous, show car quality, but close to it. Several minor issues worth noting include small paint chips interior and exterior (have been retouched), windshield washer not working, rear wheel white port-a-wall is scraped, heater lever doesn’t stay in up position, driver side window has some faint scratches. This will give the new owner something to do!

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 45,010
Location: Ocala, FL
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Bidding on eBay