Month: April 2015

’67 Beetle License Plate Bracket (Update)

Looking further into my “box of brackets” I found one which I inscribed at the time I removed it from a 1967 Beetle decklid. In fact, it is written in marker and also scratched into

30 Pict-1 Carburetor Differences

Digging into the archives here at, it’s time to shine a timing light on this fantastic 30 PICT 1 article, as we all know is the correct carb for your ’67 Beetle. A huge

Texas Vintage Volkswagen Classic

The Texas VW Classic took place April 18th – 19th. I wasn’t able to take part, but our talented friend Matt Jackson was in attendance, camera in hand. They say a photo is worth a thousand

DIY Vintage Volkswagen Tow Bar Pins & Clips

I run constant ads for used tow bars. Not only so but I keep a sharp eye for tow bars at swap meets. Sometimes, I get lucky. If I get a tow bar which is

Richard Marcoux’s ’66 – ’67 Hazet Tool Kit

I have had contact with Richard Marcoux (Nebraska) for some years. Richard is well-known for his pristine 1967 Beetles, although he also has had other years of Beetles. Richard has collaborated in several articles with