August 2014 Posts

Rear VW Axle Maintenance

Rear Axle Maintenance

Not long after I had reassembled Baby, our 1967 Savanna Beige Sedan, I noticed that the passenger’s rear axle was seeping fluid onto the backing plate. “Rats!” I thought.

And, sighing, I got out the tools and began the task of replacing the axle seal—what else could it be? I had done the “taste test” (not recommended for the weak of stomach). It definitely was not brake fluid. Now, folks, I don’t actually imbibe what I taste—it’s an immediate knowledge and I rinse my mouth of any possible residue. It’s the humble chemist’s unfailing test! Some people get a dab onto the forefinger and by rubbing between forefinger and thumb can sense what type of fluid they are dealing with.

Sure enough…after getting into the bowels of the axle, it was a leaking seal. I fetched a new seal pack from my supplies.

Vintage Volkswagen Speedo Removal

Vintage Volkswagen Speedo Removal

There comes a time when the original speedo in your vintage pride and joy needs to be restored. But, before bringing it back to its former glory, you actually need to remove it. No need to bite your nails and get anxious, it’s a simple task. Here’s how its done.

  1. Remove the wiring cover.
  2. Disconnect the positive battery terminal.
  3. Unscrew the speedometer cable knurled nut.  Pull the cable out of the speedo back.
  4. Make a diagram of the wires–colors and placement.  Just draw yourself the “circle of the back of the speedo”.
  5. Remove the wires–may need to use needle-nosed pliers to do this.  Some of the bulbs holders may come out with the wires; that’s okay since you need to remove them anyway and check to be sure that they are good bulbs and bulb holders.
  6. Put a large towel around the hood spring and opening down into that deep recess that gobbles all screws, nuts and bolts–to keep the speedo screws from falling into it.
  7. Loosen the two screws at the speedo “ears”.
  8. Slightly turn the speedo to clear the screws (or remove the screws completely) and the speedo will come to you.
  9. You can have the restoration shop to turn the speedo to zero across the board or to leave the mileage.
  10. Purchase a new speedo seal (goes around the bezel to seal between the speedo and the dash when you replace the speedo.  It buffers the metal-to-metal contact.
  11. Secure the speedo using the two screws.  It is self-centering.
  12. Check all bulbs to be sure that they are viable.
  13. Reattach wires as per your diagram.
  14. Reinstall the speedo cable.
  15. Reinstall the wiring cover.
  16. Remove the towel.
  17. Reattach the battery cable.

VW Firing Order Poster

I’ve not seen many (if any) vintage Volkswagen firing order posters, so I created one. It’s free, and can be downloaded in both PDF and JPG below. It can be printed up to 11×17. Be the envy of all your ’67 Beetle peers with this gem hanging in your garage.

Spark Plug photo: Bosch Media Service. (Allowed use)
Art direction / design: Eric Shoemaker

SOLD — ’67 Beetle German Rims

For Sale — ’67 Beetle German Rims

Here we have a nice full set of German ’66-’67 wide-5, stock 5-lug Beetle Rims, listed for ’67 enthusiast and follower of, Phillip Hager. Nothing makes a ’67 Beetle look better (or any vintage VW) than original german parts. More photos below.

Status: SOLD
Location: San Francisco, CA
Price: $250.00 + shipping
Contact: Phillip Hager  |  415 309-8410

Is It For Sale?

Featured ’67 Beetle — Eric Shoemaker

I ran across the article below earlier, and have to totally agree with the conversation. If someone asked me if I were going to sell my own ’67, I would probably answer the same way.

“Nice car! Is it for sale?”
Well, sure it is for sale, everything has it’s price.

“How much are you asking?”
Well, it’ll cost you $15,312 in cash, plus you’ll need to give me 8 years of your spare time, roughly 6 hours per week, I’d say. After that there is another 2 hours per week of time in front of the computer, surfing vendor sites and asking questions on newsgroups. Then I’ll need another $233.17 for long distance phone charges to parts suppliers and private sellers, gas to and from VW shows, parts I broke and wrong parts that I ordered (but you can have those, I saved them). You will also need to fix the broken window in the garage and assorted other damage from flying tools. You will have to get the acetone burns off the kitchen table and those grease stains off the new family room carpet (near the fireplace).

Then you will need to somehow get my kids to unlearn six or seven swear words that they are starting to repeat when they think I’m not around, and then you will need to pay my wife. You will owe her about 77 nights renting a movie and sitting on the couch (watching but not listening to the movie, gossiping about friends instead), 14 ‘quiet’ dinners after the kids are in bed and some kind of compensation to her for the time we drove halfway across Maryland on the way back from my parents after Christmas to find that guy selling the set of barely-worn, wide whitewall Firestone 5.60x15s (the time the kids were screaming after being in the car for 12 hours and I refused to go straight home; ask her, she’ll remember). You will need to paint the house and take my kids to the McDonalds Playplace about 23 times. You need to shoot hoops with my son for about 7 hours total and go look at least 44 drawings that my daughter made.

You will also have to call at least a dozen friends of ours and re-arrange the dinners and cookouts we missed (I think one event was actually a wedding, you may need a suit). And you will have to go to my in-laws on 38 Sunday afternoons for dinner (food is actually pretty good though). You probably should also apologize to my neighbors for the times I was running the compressor well past midnight.

You will have to replace roughly 8 square inches of skin and sub-dermal tissue on my body, mostly from my hands, but one big chunk right above my eye. At least one skin graft for a severe post-welding burn will be needed. You need to re-pay 3 of my friends somehow for favors involving sweating and swearing, and loan them at least 6 of your tools, 2 of them you may never see again. I’ll need 19 T-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shorts and one nice collared polo shirt (shouldn’t have been working in that one anyway).