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’67 Beetle – It Comes in 7 Colors

The '67 Beetle — It Comes in 7 Colors

One thing we get a TON of emails about here at is color combinations. It seems everyone wants to know what the correct combo is for their vintage pride and joy.

The ’67 Beetle comes in 7 colors. You can download this factory literature below if you’d like. It was submitted by fellow VW enthusiast Jody Sauvageau.

Tim Presiado’s ’67 Beetle

Featured ’67 Beetle — Tim Presiado

Just sent over to, this L633 VW Blue ’67 Vert is a fantastic car with a unique history. I’ll let Tim take it from here.

I recently “adopted” this 1967 Convertible and I thought your readers might get a kick out of seeing it. I love and appreciate your attention to this special “One Year Only” car.

My friends grandmother purchased this VW bug on Sept. 26 1966. She loved this car and rarely drove it. It has an astonishing 19,800 original miles! I have every receipt from day 1, including the window sticker, sales receipt, owners manual, etc. When she passed away a few years ago our friends took the car, but found it difficult to care for it. Since I love VWs (I owed a 1963 Transporter Panel 10 years ago), I adopted the family heirloom about a month ago. Given that this car spent it’s whole life in Illinois, there was some pretty bad rust damage to the under carriage. I had the support rails replaced, the shock towers replaced, and the metal under the both front fenders replaced. It cost a small fortune, but it saved this car from literally falling apart.

For Sale — Shift Pattern Decal

FOR SALE: Shift Pattern Decal

A fresh replacement decal for your ashtray displaying the shifter pattern. It was produced exclusively for on a commercial quality laser printer. It matches the original in every aspect. Chrome Ink on clear. Free shipping in the US!

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Tim Mossman’s Engine Rebuild

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Happy Engine

Our good pal Tim Mossman of British Columbia is current rebuilding the engine of his L639 Zenith Blue ’67 pride and joy. He sent over this photo last night of the progress. Tim was even able to find NOS 1500 CC pistons, which we all know is getting harder and harder to find. I can hear the sweet cadence of the engine from here.

Thanks for sharing with, Tim. We will see you back on the road soon.

SOLD — L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE — L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

Upon seeing photos of this L639 Zenith Blue ’67 SunRoof Beetle, my first words were…”How can this car sell for so little?”

Only a couple of months ago, a L639 Zenith ’67 Blue Sedan sold at Mecum’s auction in Dallas, Texas for $25,000. Although it truly was a nice car, it didn’t hold a candle to this one which is selling for less!

How often do we find a ’67 Beetle that wasn’t wrecked and rusted before the restoration? Well…here’s one. Take a sound car and do a quality classic restoration and the result is a treasure.

I have been privileged to view numerous photos of this car. The color-coded fender beading and running boards really set this car apart from its contemporaries. Besides being a rare SunRoof, complete with everything that was supposed to come on this car from the factory, there are some accessories which add icing to the cake. These include Pop-out Windows, a spectacular Dual-purpose Interior Rear View Mirror, a VW Tissue Container, authentic VW Logo-ed Sill Plates, a Sapphire VI AM-FM Radio with the Rubber Knobs, Narrow Stripe White-walled Tires, Locking Steering Column Ignition, Dust Cover on the Deck lid Latch, an Original European Dealer Badge, Complete Maintenance Records since the car left the showroom floor in Europe, the Original German Sales Papers and even a Tube of Touch-up Paint. Amazing. I’m also proud to mention that one of my restored German oil bath air cleaners resides inside the comforts of the engine bay.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 69,500 
Location: Loma Linda, CA
Price: $22,500
Contact: Randy Carlson  |  951-767-1600