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Re-living a Volkswagen Moment — Quiz Results

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Re-living a Volkswagen Moment — A Quiz

Congrats to reader Charlie Link on winning the ’67 Beetle quiz. Enjoy your 25% off in the boutique store. Now, let’s talk about how Jay was able to fix his car.

The man at the parts counter asked me, “do you have a fuel filter on your car?”

When I replied that I did, he asked if I might remove it in order to show him. When I did, he tried blowing through it from the nether end and could not force even air through it! There was the problem all the while! Was my face red!!! He did not have a VW filter so we altered the ends of a Honda one and, after installation, we were on our way like a shot out of a gun! We made the rest of the trip without incident.

Re-living a Volkswagen Moment — A Quiz

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Re-living a Volkswagen Moment — A Quiz

Another quiz here at 1967beetle.comKnow the answer? If so, you’ll get 25% off in the boutique store. The first person to chime in correctly below wins. Jay Salser will be moderating. The winner will be notified within 48 hours as well as announced. Good luck.

Around 1980, I came home a little early one blisteringly hot summer day and told the family to pack so that we could head to Lubbock to visit my parents.

I was in my 40s in those days and thought nothing of striking out at the drop of a hat in one of our Volkswagens. Soon everyone had a sack packed and Neva had some goodies readied as well.

We already had discovered that packing in one of our ’67 VW Beetles was more efficient if each person packed his possessions in one or two large, brown-paper grocery bags; these “squashed“ into relatively small spaces whereas a suitcase will not. Even the miniature dachshund would run to the back door where his leash hung and beg to be put on it. In a matter of a half hour or so, we were in the car and off.

We sped through Dallas on I-30 with no problem and had gotten practically through Fort Worth when I noticed that I was having more and more difficulty coaxing speed from The Red Baron, our ’67 Beetle sedan. As we neared the western outskirts of the city, I began to think about “vapor locks“. I never had experienced one, but I thought about the metal gas line that comes through the firewall and into the engine compartment. Given the tremendous heat of the day, coupled with the heat of the engine, I decided that a vapor lock it must be.

Graham Patterson’s RHD ’67 Beetle

Featured RHD ’67 Beetle — Graham Patterson

Tell us about the history of your ’67 Beetle?
This is an interesting car as it’s a full RHD Australian spec which did not follow the USA or European cars changes to design and specification/components, hence as a ’67 car it still has sloped headlights and uses older spec equipment. As these VW’s started off being imported as knock down components and then assembled in Australia, they then moved to being completely manufactured in Australia and the older parts were still used that did not follow the changes to other countries upgrades.

It was in original form, a 1300 and has some interesting mods by previous owners. One being the inlet manifold, it has the pipes to the exhaust removed, Australia being a very hot climate reduced the need for heating the fuel for easy starts. It also has the USA bumpers and not the European single bar at the front and rear. Obtaining parts can be an issue as I need to be very sure of which year the original component was used. It can follow that either the 1966 – 1967 and earlier parts were used to make up the car, sort of bits and pieces approach. The old girl now has a 1600 motor which still started after years of neglect, a fresh battery and some juice was all it took to get a heartbeat going again.

Tail Light Reflector Maintenance

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Tail Light Reflector Maintenance

The noble Volkswagen Beetle has been much maligned. One of the main criticisms has been lighting.

In the day of the 6 volt system, eventually connectors would corrode and an approaching Beetle’s head lamps glowed as two yellow-flamed candles!

Even with the 12 volt systems that generated so much excitement when VW unveiled its ’67 Models, one needs to keep a watchful eye on the electrical system, including the battery, generator, regulator and all connections. Left to themselves, these components will degrade with time and one will find himself fighting to see at night.

There is an additional concern. The tail lights and brake lights are there for the purpose of keeping those behind us aware that, one, we are there, and two, that we are braking!

If you have followed a Beetle, you likely have noticed just how dim the tail lights and brake lights are.

For Sale — Dash Grab Handle

FOR SALE — ’67 Volkswagen Beetle Dash Grab Handle

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