Month: February 2013

West Coast Classic VW Restoration — Lenny Copp

As takes a deeper look into the archives, it is time to shine a bright light once again at one of the best in the business; Lenny Copp of West Coast Classic Restoration. A

Greg Minuskin’s ’67 Beetle

Greg Minuskin recently reached out to to take a look at a ’67 Beetle he was considering purchasing. As it turns out, it’s a numbers matching L282 lotus white sunroof. After looking at a few

SOLD — L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Just spotted on eBay, this L282 lotus white ’67 Beetle is a one owner car, just what we like to see here at “I pulled this out of a barn where it was sitting

Vintage Werks, Restoration of VW Engine Components

Ed Fall of Vintage Werks was originally featured well over a year ago when was in it’s early infant stages of growth. I wanted to take a moment to bring forward again this great

Price List

It seems 1967 was a simple time. One thing is for sure, the ’67 Volkswagen Beetle was sure less expensive than today’s modern cars. I think a recent quote from Lenny Copp of WCCR sums