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Snowy ’67 Beetle — Amanda De Vito

Snowy ’67 Beetle — Amanda De Vito

Amanda De Vito’s L633 VW blue ’67 Beetle was by far one of the most popular cars we featured here at 1967beetle.com. Here are a few fantastic photos of her vintage pride and joy (Walter) resting in the snow. If you missed her article the first time, you should take a few moments and give her unique ’67 story a read.

Kevin Morton’s ’67 Beetle

Featured ’67 Beetle — Kevin Gorton

I once owned an L620 savanna beige ’67 Beetle that I loved very much. I moved into a small place and sadly I had to sell it. A year or two later, my wife said that I should get another Beetle. I found a ’61 that was great but needed some rust repair. I fixed it enough just to fill the empty gap. I drove it around for a few months. All I could do was think of my old ’67. So, I told my wife “this one wasn’t going to work”. I sold the ’61 and started shopping for another ’67. I found an listing in Boise Idaho. A “67 Beetle project,” no pics. I emailed the person asking to send me some more info. He sent me several pics and I was very interested. I sent him a deposit, drove the 400 miles to Idaho and the new journey began.

’67 Volkswagen Beetle Air Conditioning

FOR SALE: L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have been asked questions about air conditioning for Beetles.

My experience with air conditioned Beetles has revolved around removing non-functioning units from the 1967 Beetles which I have acquired over the years. Foot after foot of wiring, the condenser, the evaporator and the compressor—any of the above or what was left of it. Mostly, what was left of the system.

The old systems, although reputed not to drain horse power, seemed to do just that. That was one of the main arguments against them. They also disfigured the engine compartment and complicated routine maintenance.

For Sale — NOS VW Mechanics Patch

FOR SALE: NOS VW Dealership Mechanics Patch

Be the envy of your friends with this NOS Volkswagen service center mechanics patch. These came from a So Cal Volkswagen dealership long ago. Quantities are limited. Patch size is 2.5. X 2.5.

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For Sale — ’67 Beetle Seat Belt Clip

FOR SALE: '67 Beetle Seat Belt Clip

Just listed at 1967beetle.com, these seat belt clips are hard to find. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them before today. Info from the seller. A photo of one of the clips installed in a ’67 is below.

“Our ’67 Seat Belt Clip is fabricated with two part epoxy. It is duplicated  from the original ’67 seat belt clip with the part number and VW logo.”

Status: For Sale
Location: Caddo Mills, TX
Price: $15 each. $30 a set + shipping
Contact: R & D Engineering Co., Inc.