Year: 2013

A Survival Story

It was a cold Pearl Harbor Day morning in 1976 as I arose to head to work. This morning our crew was going to one of the Sears-Roebuck stores to do some painting before the

Thank You —

A new year is right around the corner. It’s time to pause and look back at 2013; so many fantastic tips, tutorials, classifieds, and interviews have been published. would not be quickly growing if

Merry Christmas —

Merry Christmas from Thanks for another great year! So many fantastic tips, tutorials, classifieds, and interviews have been published. would not be quickly growing if it were not for YOU reading right now. Yes, YOU! A huge thanks to all the fantastic folks

Summer of Love

This article was submitted to by Megan McAuliff in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. Thanks so much! 1967 was a monumental year in human history. It was the beautiful and transcendental Summer of Love, where

Restored Bosch Short Coils

Here at, one question that seems to fill up my inbox daily is the need for a properly restored German ’67 Bosch short coil. Being that I’ve perfected restoration methods with ’67 oil bath air