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Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche Magazine Features

Issue #5 of Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche Magazine has just arrived. It’s a special issue because it features a small business mention about It’s jam-packed with other great articles and is worth checking out. Below is the mention and some photos from the shoot. PhotographyAmanda Shoemaker.

“Aircooled Classics is a quarterly, interactive digital magazine with rich media content designed for a global audience. It’s packed with high quality vehicle and technical features, practical how-to content, history, news, events, motorsport and more.”

Changes to the ’67 Beetle Sedan

This information was provided by a reader of, Jay Salser. The ’67 Volkswagen Beetle community thanks you!

What’s different about the ’67 Beetle?
This information applies only to Beetles destined for import into the Continental USA.

The 1967 model of the Beetle Sedan (non Convertible) heralded several changes. Most of these changes are subtle and go unnoticed. I will attempt to point out those of which I am aware. A lot of the changes continued to be incorporated into later years as well.

First and foremost was the change from 6 volts to 12 volts. This is the most talked-about change and resulted in a significant, new direction for the Beetle both in physical capability (of the car) and in popularity. Note: silver 12 volt sticker on driver’s door hinge pillar.

SOLD — L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

Spotted on eBay, this L456 ruby red ’67 Beetle is in very respectable condition. The restoration work looks like it was done well. I love the radio block off plate and other period correct details.

“67 Volkswagen Beetle. 35,000 original miles, 1 owner in fantastic condition.”

Mileage: 35,000
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Through eBay

Chris Vallone’s ’67 Beetle

East Coast pal Chris Vallone’s L620 savanna beige ’67 has actually been featured here at a few times during its restoration process. This car originally came to Chris as a true time capsule. During the restoration, Chris added his own flair and style to the interior with close attention to detail. This car has a history us period correct ’67 owners dream about. Enjoy a deep dive into a very respectable example of what many consider the best year of the VW Beetle; 1967.

SOLD — L456 Ruby Red ’67 Vert

Spotted on eBay, this L456 ruby red ’67 vert is in respectable condition. I’ve not seen that many of these in person. I do know that ’67 verts are becoming more and more desirable.

“I bought this ’67 VW from the original owner about 1 year ago. It has new pistons, cylinders, and a rebuilt 1500cc engine.”

Mileage: 134,000
Location: Cleveland, TN
Price: $12,500
Contact: Through eBay