August 2012 Posts

SOLD — L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

Spotted on eBay, this L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle is in respectable, unmolested condition with NO RESERVE. I really like seeing correct color combinations, don’t you? The radio block off plate is a nice feature, along with the OG roof rack. And, who does not love a ’67 Beetle with a name like Walter.

“Walter runs excellant with plenty of power, shifts great through all the gears and is a pleasure to drive. Handles very nice too. The brakes work good. All the lights work and the blinkers. Wipers work great and the heat is fantastic! It is rust free other than the area behind the seat, under the rear window.. it will need to be patched.  The pan is rust free and very solid.  I just put new tires on the rear and the front tires are still new as well.”

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 62,300
Location: Post Falls, ID
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Through eBay

’67 Beetle Parcel Tray Carpet Installation

The ’67 Beetle parcel tray carpet installation info below was submitted by a reader of, Don Barker. A huge thanks to him for taking the time to compose such a valuable article for the vintage Volkswagen community.

If you are on a limited budget like me and can’t afford German square weave, look into Wolfsburg West’s synthetic set. It’s really good looking at half the cost. You should get their padding set (German, same as stock) and firewall mat, black or gray, they’ll sew onto your carpet at no charge.

The first pictures are my carpet and padding sets. I chose gray even though the correct color carpet for zenith blue cars is charcoal.

SOLD — L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Spotted on eBay, this L282 lotus white ’67 Beetle is in respectable, unmolested condition. The front fenders are not German and the seat covers do need to be replaced, along with the 009 and a few other bits. These are simple items to resolve if you’re a true ’67 purist. If not, bump the key and enjoy the ride. Thanks Mike Buettell for sending this in the direction of

Mileage: 168,800
Location: Edwards, CO
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Through eBay

Original ’67 Beetle Press Photos

Original ’67 Beetle press photos; these are the real deal and actually the same color as my own L620 Savanna beige ’67. A big thanks to Everett Barnes for allowing mention of these gems. They are part of his private collection.

A Family Car

The story of my ’67 Bug is really the story of the original owner, Hermann Bonasch, and how he extended his caring hand to this vintage car. However, when Hermann bought it in March of 1967 at Berkey Lee Garage in Albany, CA, it wasn’t vintage – it was new! A Ruby Red workhorse of a car, it was at the heart of a family that was forming. It carried Hermann to work every day as a much-loved veterinarian in San Lorenzo, CA, and it was there, four years later, on August 21, 1971, ready to whisk Hermann and his new bride, Marcia, off to their honeymoon, blending two families together. By that time, the Bug had already logged its first one hundred thousand miles!