May 2012 Posts

’67 L620 Savanna Beige Survivor

A good friend of, Chris Vallone of Classic VW Bugs in NY just picked up this ’67 L620 Savanna Beige true survivor. It looks like the distributor has been replaced and possibly a few other minor things. However, this a fantastic example of how an original, unmolested ’67 Beetle should look. I really love seeing original paint color and trim. It won’t take much to put this car back to 100% correct.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
Additional information on correct ’67 colors can be seen here.

Vintage Volkswagen Firing Order — 1-4-3-2

This fantastic animation created by Daryryl Deppe is for a 1200CC 40 HP engine. The firing order is the same as the 1500CC ’67 engine. I’m currently designing a VW firing order poster that will be available for free download in the next week.

If this animation does not autoplay in your browser it can also be viewed here.

Tim Mossman’s ’67 Beetle

Ever since my father bought my first Beetle back in 1981, a red 1971 standard I have loved classic VWs. My Beetle took me to university every day problem free, thanks to my father who fixed anything that needed fixing on it. I owned that car for about three years. After I graduated from the university, I left to teach English in Japan and the car was sold.

My passion for old VWs never went away. My second Beetle was a 1979 mars red convertible which I bought in 2006 and had restored. I only had it for a few years and then sold it. It was very nice but wasn’t the right bug for me.

My ’67 Restoration — Air Monkeys Issue #5

My ’67 Beetle restoration story was just featured in issue #5 of Air Monkeys magazine.

“Air Monkeys bring you the 5th edition of their free VW inspired magazine; showcasing the best in the world of aircooled vw’s, low rider bicycles, music reviews, book reviews, fashion, and more..”

Thanks guys.

SOLD — ’67 Sapphire V AM Radio

Spotted on eBay, this ’67 Sapphire V AM radio is a great find. If you know about the ’67, you know that these are getting hard to find complete with the one year only black knobs.

The Sapphire V was produced by Bendix and Motorola in the ’67 model year. The radios are 12V to accommodate the model year’s voltage change to 12V.  This one year only radio has similar accessories as ’66.

Status: SOLD
Location: Kent, WA
Contact: Information on eBay

Troy (Air Coolin) specializes in used German parts.