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1967beetle.com featured on Big Blue’s Online Carburetor

A huge thanks to Big Blue for taking the time to learn about my ’67 story.
You can read the full interview, “A conversation with Eric Shoemaker of 1967Beetle.com at Big Blue’s Online Carburetor.”

Also, you can view past published stories here.
Photo: Frank Shoemaker

Early Volkswagens

“No silhouette in the history of automobiles is as recognizable as that of the long-lived, beloved, all-things-to-all-people VW Beetle. (Nor, as anyone who has ever sat in one can readily attest, is there anything quite like that singular, evocative mingled aroma of oil and plastic that every single Beetle ever made seemed to exude from the moment it left the assembly line.”

Photo: Life

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from 1967beetle.com!

Window Winders

I’ve received 3 emails in the past week about this topic.
Yes, the ’67 winders are in fact a one year only part. I’ve seen (and tried) a few that are not aesthetically correct. You can get the winder here. The part number is: 113837581E.

“Window winder, 1967 Bug, perfect reproduction with black molded plastic knob, made by Wolfsburg West.”

While you’re at it, you will probably want to replace your window collar too. These come in different colors and sit under the winder. Lastly, don’t forget that important door dowel pin. These things are TINY and can be easily lost. Still have questions? Email anytime!

Grandpa and the ’67