For Sale — BOSCH 12V Coil Decals

FOR SALE: Old Stock BOSCH 12V Coil Decals

This is the correct and hard to find 12 Volt Bosch yellow decal that mounts on the front of the old style short coils. Also available in 6 Volt.

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You can view additional photos of complete restored ’67 12V Bosch coils that are offered for sale.

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Eric Shoemaker

I created and curate I own and restored a 1967 VW Beetle that my Grandfather bought new. Have a question? Own an air cooled VW? Say hello!

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Karl Jones

about 3 years ago

Hey Eric. The sticker just came in the post. Fantastic NOS quality. It's nice that someone finally found these and brought them to the vintage VW market.


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